About Us

Welcome to the online store of J&K On the Rocks!

The artists are John and Kathy Winterburn.  John is a retired farmer/rancher of over 40 yrs. Kathy owned and managed businesses for the same. During our rare free time in the winter, we escaped the cold of Nebraska for warmth of the southwest. There we fell in love with natural minerals.

Kathy got tired of digging Johns dirt for his gold hunting. John challenged her to take a lapidary class to follow her love of stones. Kathy came out of her first class a changed person. Her success in grinding her first cabochon moved her forward to learn more. After 100 or so cabochons, John decided they needed to do "something" with them. Both learned to wrap but John excelled with his creations.  Kathy stayed with grinding the cabochons using diamond embedded grinding wheels. John moved forward learning metal smithing and cold forging. He works with his wire wrapping using rose gold, silver and 14k gold wire. He also uses copper, bronze and silver in his metal work. As Kathy says "he makes my stuff look good".

We are blessed each day to do what we love as we travel meeting wonderful people in beautiful places enjoying Gods blessing.